Here at Firewheel Smiles, we are dedicated to giving our patients a smile that they can be proud to have. To do this, we offer patients many different options.

We offer veneers, which are used to cover up the front of a patient’s tooth. They can be used to hide certain problems like stains, chips, and much more. They can also be used when a patient’s teeth are irregular.

To use veneers, we make a model out of your teeth, and then a technician custom makes you a veneer to place right over your tooth. Enamel will need to be removed prior to placing it on your tooth, making it a permanent solution.

Veneers may be permanent, but if you don’t take care with them, they can chip and crack. They will also stain, so you will need to monitor what you eat and drink. Even with these few drawbacks, they are a good alternative to other options. They are less expensive than crowns, though you will need to come in for several visits until your veneers are completed. Veneers are made to last!

If you are thinking about getting a smile that you can be proud of, contact us today at 214-703-5490 to schedule an appointment to discuss your options with our staff.


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