If you are embarrassed by your smile due to crooked and broken teeth, we are here to help. We are proud to be able to give our patients a smile that they can be proud of, by offering them porcelain crowns and caps.

Crowns are the best way to give you a smile that you want to show off. They allow you to have a smile that seems natural.

Crowns can be used in many ways. They can replace teeth that have a lot of decay and damage so that they can’t hold a filling. Crowns are also helpful with teeth that have already been filled several times. A crown will protect the tooth that it covers.

When you get porcelain crowns, we attach them right to your teeth. This way, they work just like your regular teeth. You can continue to eat whatever you want, no matter how hard it is.

There are many options when it comes to getting a crown. For this reason, we would be happy to discuss your options with you so that together we can find the right fit for you!

If you decide that a crown is the best option for you, it is really important that you choose the right dentist. Otherwise your smile might not look as natural as it should. Here at Firewheel Smiles, we are dedicated to ensuring that your smile makes you happy.

If you have any questions about porcelain crowns, feel free to contact us today at (214) 703-5490.

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